September 1, 2016

Columbia SC Child Session | Henry Second Birthday

Dear Henry,

Oh my goodness! Today is your second birthday! Two years ago today you came into this world. I feel like I remember almost everything about that day. You were so tiny in that incubator. When I touched your little hand I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. Honestly, I was just glad you were out and in safe hands! You gave us quite a scare in the beginning and it definitely wasn’t easy coming home with all those monitors and cords! BUT look at you now!

Everyday we fall more and more in love with you. Your sweet soul and your happy personality brighten our whole life. Every morning seeing your little face is like Christmas morning for me!

Because you aren’t one any more an we can’t do a cake smash again like we did last year. You can view that session HERE! I decided that letting you eat watermelon outside was a pretty good second birthday shoot idea!

Since it is your birthday and I am all about starting a tradition….I have written

10 things that Ryan and I love about you that we never want to forget as you grow up.

  1. Of course the first one is the way that you love your mama! Oh my goodness. You and me are like two peas in a pod! I love when you are excited about something and the first thing you do is run to hug your mama with excitement! Your little arms stretch out to squeeze me while you are jumping up and down. It is the sweetest thing ever and makes my heart explode.
  2. Next would be the way you love your Dada. You love to play and rough house with your Dada! Your favorite thing to do with him as of right now is ‘Nump” (Jump). Your Dada will pick you up and hold you as you both ‘nump’ around the living room! Your little laugh and how you say ‘AH-GIN!’ makes Ryan and I both smile! Speaking of around the living room…We love to have dance parties in the living room. You will stretch your little arms up for us to ‘hol you’ and you bounce in our arms as we dance around. I swear if people saw us they would think we are in some romantic comedy movie.
  3. Your love for songs. Especially theme songs. Henry, you LOVE a good theme song to a Disney Junior show. You will make us play JUST the intro to almost every single show that Disney has and then you ask for ‘nother one.’ It can get a little annoying but I know one day your will be locked in on MTV or whatever it is your generation will be watching and you won’t need Mama or Dada to put on ‘Mick-NEE’ any more.
  4. Your love for snacks. You love a good ‘snack snack.’ Your favorite is goldfish. I am pretty sure you could live off of them if you had to. Your runner ups are grapes, watermelon, ‘baby yogurt’, teddy bear cookies, and any and all things Pea-NUH butter.
  5. Now I know you may keep this quality as you grow older…or at least I hope that you do. BUT…I LOVE your little side swooped parted hair! Oh my goodness! You get compliments on it all the time from strangers. They say, “Oh! He looks like a little man.” And lets not forget that because you have a double crown in your hair you ALWAYS have some of it sticking straight up in the back. Haha.
  6. Your love/ hate relationship with our dog Bubba. Bubba is like my first baby. She has been through so much with me and seeing how sweet and gentle you are with her makes my heart melt. I love the way that you ‘give her love’ and pet her so softly. Even though she may not like you as much as you love her, you both seem to get along just fine!
  7. Your love for my mama and your Nana. My Mama holds such a special place in my heart not only as my Mom but also as a best friend. We call Nana EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. to talk to her and see what she has planned for the day. We usually see Nana and ‘Pa-Kee’ (that is what you call my dad…not sure why or where you got if from but you call him that…) either every day or every other day when Dada is working. When we are on the way to their house you always get so excited and I can see you kicking your little feet in your car seat and saying with excitement “ Nana! Pa-Kee!” It makes me so happy to know that you love them both so much!
  8. I never want to forget the way that you love to play peek-a-boo and chase. As you have gotten older we now play these two games together and in it in a much different way. It usually involves one of us hiding behind something and popping up acting like we are a bear or lion and about to come and get you. You squeal with excitement and laugh hysterically! One day you wont think that your Mama pretending to be a bear with claws is so funny…but for now you think I am about the funniest bear on Earth…
  9. Your love for all things puppy dogs! Oh you LOOOOVVVEEE dogs! You used to only be able to make the ‘WOO WOO’ sound that a dog makes but now that you are talking more if you see a dog it is always ‘PUUUPPPYYYYY!’ You will even look through magazines with your Nana and try to find ALL the dogs that are in the pictures. You love them SO much!
  10. Of course since it is your birthday I have to mention the fact that you LOVE cake. You have always loved cake. I swear that you think it is a food group. The other day you asked specifically if you could have some….out of no where you said Cake?…. I know your Nana spoils you with Ice Cream sometimes but you NEVER pass up the opportunity to indulge in some good cake!

baby eating watermelonColumbia SC Child SessionSecond Birthday PhotosBoy sitting in grass eating watermelonboy laughing and eating watermelonlittle boy belly holding watermelonlittle boy eating watermelon at sunsetclose up shot of baby eating watermelonwatermelon sitting in grasslithe boy sitting in chair eating watermelonHe was probably thinking…um okay mom its kinda hot out here! Are we done yet?baby wiping brow while eating watermelonWhen your model starts walking away from the session…you know it’s time to stop. haha
little boy walking in grass holding watermelon slice

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