May 10, 2016

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Engagement Sessions and Why They Are Important

Engagement sessions are one of the most VITAL parts of making sure you get natural and genuine images on your wedding day! They are SOOO important! Yes! They are so important I have even included they in EVERY single collection I offer to clients who book me to shoot their wedding. During your engagement session you will to get to know me, how I shoot, how I handle different lighting situations, how I pose my couples and this also gives me the opportunity to see how you and your fiancé interact with one another.

engaged couple looking at camera holding one another

boy and girl kissing in front of pink treecouple holding one another kissingLet’s fast forward to a typically wedding day where the couple didn’t want to do an engagement session…You have been waiting for this day your whole life! You have invested SO much into your photography and you have dreamed of having those images that you see all over Pinterest. You know, the candid bride and grooms laughing, looking natural, joyful and genuine on their wedding day! You can’t wait for your photographer (me) to capture images just like that! So you see your Groom for the first time during the first look and everything is absolutely magical! You both have time to soak in all the wedding wonderfulness and actually have a couple of minutes alone on your wedding day! Next we move into your Bride and Groom portraits! Yay! This is where I will produce some of my best work! And because you opted for a first look we have PLENTLY of time. So… I start you out in some basic poses but you kind of feel awkward. I start giving you direction on hand placement and where to look, I also give you tasks to do with your Groom to create a small amounts of movement in your posing….Then I ask your Groom to nuzzle in…..HOLD ON WHAT?!?!

Yes. Okay Pause! Since we didn’t do an engagement session before the wedding day I am now going to have to take time to teach my Bride and Grooms posing, direction and how to incorporate natural movement into their posing. Being able to capture images of Brides and Grooms on their wedding day looking genuine and natural isn’t easy and it takes practice from the couple! Yes PRACTICE! That is kind of what engagement sessions are….it is your PRACTICE time! It’s so important to practice and learn what feels right when posing! After having an engagement session you are able to quickly take direction from me, understand how I shoot, know what I mean when I ask you to do certain tasks during posing and I can learn how you and your fiancé interact with one another!

engaged couple walking and kissing

engaged couple standing in front of church door looking at each other

So Lets fast forward to a wedding day where the couple decided to DO an engagement session… Okay! Its portrait time! We have done the first look and I have already scouted out some great locations to begin the Bride and Groom portraits! I don’t have to start off by tell my couples about posing, explaining how I work and since we spent an afternoon together during your engagement session I already know you both so well we feel like friends! We start out with some simple poses. You both know how to take direction from me and all your posing feels natural! All your PRACTICE from the engagement session comes flooding back! You and your Groom are laughing and enjoying this time! You both aren’t nervous you are excited and all of the shots that we capture reflect this! All Because. You Did. An. Engagement Session!!! Yes! It’s just that simple and SO important! I hope that makes sense and why I include engagement session in ALL my collections that I offer to my wedding clients! They really do make a huge difference in your photography and help me be able to produce the types of images that all brides dream of having on their wedding day! Natural, genuine, joyful, real images! Do an engagement session! I promise they are worth it!!!!

boy and girl playing piggy back girl hysterically laughing at a joke engaged couple holding one another smiling at camera

a couple holding each other while smilinggroom dipping his bride to be back and kissing herboy and girl sitting on ledge kissingWould you like to know how to prepare for your Engagement Session?

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