January 26, 2016

Family ‘park’ Time | SC State House

Remember that day a couple weeks ago that was warm and pretty?! Yea me either. Haha. Jk No seriously. There was a day that was nice and not FREEZING and we soaked it in at the park SC State House. Henry likes to think that the State House is a park so that just what we have started to call it. I am really bad about getting updated family photos of us and I thought in my head ‘oh ya know…we can just take the tripod and grab a couple of quick photos of us while we are out there’ well I haven’t actually tried doing this with a toddler yet SO it didn’t go over quite as smoothly as it all played out in my head. BUT we did manage to grab a couple while still trying to entertain Henry! Don’t forget to notice his “ooooooouuuuu I want to hold that camera MOM!”

SCStateHousePhotos_0010What you didn’t see in the picture with JUST Ryan and me was that Henry was CLINGING to my leg.
SCStateHousePhotos_0011Then he found a stick…SCStateHousePhotos_0012SCStateHousePhotos_0013This is his ‘MOM let me hold that CAMERA’ face!!!SCStateHousePhotos_0014SCStateHousePhotos_0016SCStateHousePhotos_0017SCStateHousePhotos_0018

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