March 1, 2016

MY family | Columbia SC

We have been stuck inside the last couple of days over here at the Jamison household due to a nasty cold that we keep passing back and forth. Sometimes just getting out and getting some fresh air can help! SO of course when I saw this little patch of wild daffodils it was the perfect opportunity to drag Ryan and Henry out for some photos! I always get a little push back from Ryan with a long breath and a “do we really have to” but ya know one day Ryan and Henry will be glad that I come up with these crazy family photo shoot ideas! I mean think of the story Henry can tell his kids– Yea this photo was taken on the side of the road when Mom decided it was a great idea to sit me down in front of some random flowers! haha Oh well! When they have all these wonderful memories to look back at it will all be worth it! Plus the last photo…I mean I may be a BIT bias but Henry is pretty darn precious in that lighting!

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