May 28, 2016

Pinterest Inspired Wedding | Columbia SC Wedding Photographer

wedding_photographer_in_columbia_0001When it comes to wedding photography everyone wants images that are ‘Pinterest perfect’! BUT knowing where to invest your money to create those images can be a little overwhelming!

From a photographers point of view these are 6 things that I will be focusing on during your wedding. By using these tips and incorporating them into your planning process you are one step closer to beautiful wedding images that portray your big day in a way that is Pinterest worthy!

6 areas to invest your wedding budget in to create beautiful images that are ‘Pinterest perfect’

Dress and Veil—Your dress is important! BUT I wouldn’t say break the bank on this one because there are definitely some very affordable wedding dress options out there! Stores like David’s Bridal even have couture gowns now…WHAT?! I would say a normal price range for a wedding dress would be around 1500.00 give or take. Your dress shouldn’t eat up your entire budget! (In my opinion) Also don’t forget about the accessories that you have to purchase with your dress! (Undergarments, the veil, and hairpieces you want) The veil! Your veil is really what can take a white dress into a WEDDING DRESS! Plus I can do SO many fun shots with a nice long veil! Most of my brides take their veil off once the ceremony is over. This way it doesn’t get in the way of all your sweet dance moves during the reception!

Groom and Groomsmen’s attire—It is actually only a LITTLE bit more to purchase a basic tailored suit than it is to rent one! Now I am not talking about a suit made from scratch for around 1,000.00 (or more)! One of my previous brides sent her Groom and the Groomsmen to Express to purchase their suits! And they looked GREAT! They were able to try on multiple sizes and choose the correct fit. A couple of other stores that have suits for your groomsmen to try on are: Belk, Banana Republic, J.Crew (jcrew even has a wedding department that can help your groomsmen when selecting their suit. All you have to do is call)

Cake—Let’s talk about a simple way to make sure your cake looks classic! Simple is better when it comes to cakes. Don’t do a bunch of different colors with the icing or go wild with how tall you can make it! Simple is better! White icing with a simple design and even adding in a couple of flowers or greenery can really make your cake look like a million bucks!

Florals – Florals are SOOO important! Budgeting at least 15% of your entire wedding budget should be going to florals! If you are unsure where to spend money within your floral budget I would say start with YOUR BOUQUET! I use the bride’s bouquet in almost ALL the detail shots. So don’t skimp on this! Having a good bouquet done by a PROFESSIONAL can make all the difference! Next I would say spend money on the bridesmaid’s bouquets/ bouts and then creating a wow factor either at the ceremony or the reception. Remember that you can also REUSE the bridesmaid bouquets and place them on the cake table as added décor! Best advice when it comes to florals LET A PROFESSIONAL DO THEM!!!! It will make all the difference!

Invitations—Best advice here….GO simple and classic! Your invitations are also something that I use A LOT when it comes to your detail shots! You want your invitations to represent the feel of your wedding and also go along with your wedding décor. Simple is best! Even a nice cream colored paper and black cursive writing can look better than an invite with a bunch of photos and crazy coloring! The invitations are the FIRST thing your guests are going to see when it comes to your wedding so make sure the represent you well! SIMPLE AND CLASSIC is the way to go with these!

Bridesmaids Dresses—Just make sure that these are flattering on your ladies! No one wants to wear a dress that makes them feel uncomfortable with the way they look for 12 hours on your wedding day! One way to go about this is picking a color pallet and then letting your ladies pick a dress of their choosing. Remember that dresses don’t necessarily have to match but they need to “GO” together. Example: Your colors are mint and pink. Having your bridesmaids choose from different style dresses but remaining in the same shade of mint.


Keep these 6 things in mind when planning your wedding. I hope that helped!














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