May 1, 2014

Preparing for your Engagement Session

How to prepare for you engagement photos:
-Outfits: Here are some tips and recommendation for making decisions about engagement session outfits!
1. the BEST advice I can give you is COORDINATE INSTEAD OF MATCH. This can mean wearing the same colors in a different shade or wearing complementing colors.
2. If one person is wearing a pattern the other person can choose a color from that pattern to wear in a solid or play off of that color. ex: If your fiancé is wearing a pattern that has navy blue, light blue and teal in it the other person could choose a color from the pattern to play off of….maybe you would wear navy or a similar shade of teal. (remember it doesn’t have to match exactly or be the same color it just has to “go”)
3. Adding accessories can brighten up any outfit. Things like scarves, bold jewelry, and colored shoes all photograph really well.
4.Try not to over think your outfits. Solids for one person and patterns for another always look great!
5. Outfits that have the same feel. If one of you is wearing a more dressed up outfit don’t have the other person in something very casual. Both outfits should feel the same.
6. Larger patterns photograph better than small ones. Tiny prints don’t usually show up very well in pictures. An example would be: a tiny blue plaid will usually photograph as a solid blue.
7. Does your outfit flatter you? Make sure your outfit is something that flatters your figure and also complements your skin tone.
8. And lastly. If you need help ask! I am here to help! Also Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!


-Get your Groom Ready:
Make sure that your fiance is aware of the style of photography that I do and why you love it! It helps if he has seen my work and you have shown him the type of photos you are expecting. This way when I ask you both to go “forehead to forehead” or for him to “nuzzle” your ear he isn’t going to think I have lost my mind! Letting him know that this isn’t going to be a couple of “1,2,3 smile” and “let me see your ring” type of shots, things will go a lot smoother. I would suggest sitting him down and going over a couple of your favorite shots or sessions to give him an idea of what he is about to experience.


-Hair, Make-Up and Grooming:
A lot of brides have gotten their hair and make-up done before an engagement session. This gives you and opportunity to see what your make-up will look like before your wedding day. If you feel like you would rather do your make up your self make sure you apply more than usual. Things that usually need to applied a little extra are foundation, blush and mascara.


Lastly but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, this may seem like common sense but getting your groom a fresh haircut and groomed facial hair will make a world of difference! The camera does pick up everything and your photos will look 10 times better if your fiancé is well groomed! Trust me!!!J72A0077

-Being on time.
Being on time is really important! I am a natural light photographer and I use the sun as my light source. When I choose your session time it all has to do with the lighting of the sun and sunset times. If you are 30 mins late to a session I am not given the luxury to shoot 30 mins longer due to the face that when the sun is gone I have no more light. Being on time will ensure that you get your full session time with wonderful photos and pretty lighting!





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