April 8, 2016

SC Family Photography | Strawberry Picking

Ryan and I took Henry Strawberry picking yesterday! It was our first time! The wind was a little intense as you can tell in the photos.. BUT we still had fun and Henry enjoyed eating  picking all the yummy strawberries! He pretty much put about half of them in his mouth before we could even put them into the bucket. At first I couldn’t figure out how he knew to eat them…usually when I feed him strawberries its on a fork and the green tops are not on, so I figured he wouldn’t recognize them….BUT I turned around and saw that Ryan had shown him that he could eat them. haha! Well after that it was like a strawberry buffet for Henry! Oh well! I am sure this happens all the time! We had so much fun! The photos aren’t perfect and from a photographers stand point the lighting was awful BUT it was family time and I of course wanted to document it! So here it is! Our first strawberry picking experience with little Henry! Strawberry juice face and all!


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