January 8, 2018

Henry’s New Room

So, this post is very random but if you follow me on social media you know that a couple of months ago we were looking for some new paint colors for Henry’s big boy room. We were in the market for a really nice gray color for the walls but the problem we kept running into was that the gray colors always seemed to have a lavender undertone to them. Well, we finally finished painting the room, setting it up and Henry has started to sleep in his new room so I thought that before he messes it up I should probably show everyone the final result! Because lets be honest, it isn’t going to stay looking like this once he officially moves in!

When starting this room I really wanted to go with a theme that was something we could have for a couple of years and Henry wouldn’t grow out of extremely quick. We ended up going with a vintage airplane theme and I think it turned out pretty cute! I found a lot of the decor we used for is room from Hobby Lobby and the rest either came from World Market, Pottery barn or were things I made or already had. Back to the paint color…we ended up going with a Sherwin Williams color called Worldly Gray. It has been so pretty and it definitely doesn’t have any lavender undertones! Yay!! My favorite piece in his room would have to be the hanging airplanes in the corner! I am pretty sure I got this idea off of Pinterest. Ryan ended up using screws and heavy duty fishing wire to hang the planes at different lengths. He did such a great job! I also really love the map that is hanging over his bed. I am not sure if you can tell but the map is actually a cloth map. It is a nice sturdy weight so it doesn’t look cheap at all! I am going to link most of the items in Henry’s room incase anyone is interested in buying them as well! If there is a specific item that I didn’t link and you would like more information about please don’t hesitate to ask!

Also, please note that I am not an interior decorator! haha! But, I try!

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Quilt | Pottery Barn

Comforter and shams | Pottery Barn

Hanging vintage airplanes | Hobby Lobby

Airplane Prints | Printed off of Pinterest

Lamps | World Market

Little Boy’s Blue Lounge Chair | Pottery BarnĀ 

Sheets | Similar

Vintage dog aviator | Hobby Lobby

Oh, the places you’ll go | Etsy

Cloth map | Hobby Lobby

Curtains and curtain rods | Target

Wooden airplane propellor | Etsy

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